Bremen Acrobatics Convention

Seems our website had been offline for quite a while. Nobody noticed. But it’s back.

As of spring 2022, there will not be a Bremen convention in 2022 either. This will be the 4th cancellation in row.

However, if you want to receive news on possibly upcoming conventions through email, you can put your address on our mailing list.

Regular courses

(via Hochschulsport, open for everybody):

Beginner: Monday, 19 – 20:30 h, Sporthalle am Barkhof
Advanced: Monday, 20:30 – 22:00 h, Sporthalle am Barkhof

Open Training

Monday, 19 – 22 h, Sporthalle am Barkhof
Wednesday, 19 – 22 h, Sporthalle Gymnasium Hamburger Stra├če