Online Registration

This is a Pre-Registration! You register, and then everybody will go to some kind of waitlist. If we have more registrations than places we will have to throw a dice to see whether you can attend or not. You will get notice at the end of the registration period.

Pre-Registration – click here

You can register individually or in groups (up to 5). Groups always stay together if we throw the dice, so if you are a family, or you do not want to come without your partner, register as a group. But note that the event fees need to be paid in total by the person doing the registration.

If you want to hold a workshop and/or participate in the show, note that in the registration email. We are happy about it.

In case of not being able to participate despite being registered, let us know immediately. We will transfer the money back (reduced by a small processing fee).

After registration, you receive a confirmation email. Please check your spam folders also! Registration is only valid if you register and pay the registration fee. You receive payment details after registration.

Event Fees

von - bisNormalpreis Kinder
7-16 Jahre
0-6 Jahre
Do - So135 €70 €frei
Fr - So115 €60 €frei
Sa - So85 €40 €frei

Everything gets more expensive, including our expenses for the convention. For those that can’t afford the whole amount, we offer a discount of 20 Euros. On the other hand, if you can afford it, we are happy if you pay some Euros more. This will help us to compensate for the discount for children (children’s fees do not cover our costs) and prevents us from raising the regular fees for everybody. Thanks.

For questions, refer to